Quality Point-of-Lay Hens (ISA Brown | High Potentials)

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Point of Lay is the term we use to describe pullets that are approaching the age they will start laying. When they start laying eggs depends on their parental stock as well as brooding and rearing conditions. The expected laying varies between 18 and 22 weeks of age. Thus, early purchase allows hens to adapt to rearing conditions and management practices.

– Most professionals advise new farmers to start chicken egg production with laying hens. That’s why we’ve worked really hard to make sure you have peace of mind as a new or returning poultry farmer.
– 12 week old Point of Lay hens have completed all required vaccinations for their age (you will need to have a vet complete the remaining vaccinations).
– At the time of laying (16 weeks), the hens passed through the most difficult stages of raising chickens, having been reared by experienced professionals.
– They are raised in very favorable conditions and properly managed to ensure they deliver well on your farm.
– Depending on how you manage the chickens on your farm, we expect our laying hens to cross 50% egg production within 2-3 months and reach over 80% egg production or more within 4 to 5 months following collection from us.
– Please ‘Request a Quote’ above to get the current price from us and make your reservation.

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We offer high quality cage reared pullets of the ISA Brown strain.
We offer high quality pullets of the ISA Brown strain.

– You can pick up your ready-to-play chicks from us. We offer 1 additional hen per 100 hens ordered to cover disappearances/deaths.
– We always inspect the farms (quality control) and ensure that only the best standard birds are dispatched, this informs informed delivery dates.
– Customers wishing to pre-order and oversee the vaccination of birds with the EDS 3 in 1
– Please book in advance and make payment to secure your order.
– Delivery/waiting time can be between 2-5 weeks after payment confirmation.
– Our standards (the birds are often starved before transport which can quite affect the weight on arrival):
– 14 weeks (average weight 0.65-0.8 kg | 70-80% herd uniformity)
– Our standards for 12 weeks: Average weight from 0.5 to 0.8 kg | 70-80% herd uniformity
– Please note that the birds may not have been beak trimmed before shipping, as some customers prefer to supervise it themselves.

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