Live Old Layer Chicken

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Exhausted diapers

“Exhausted layers” or old hens are egg-laying birds that are past their prime and increasingly erratic in performance, making them economically inefficient. The cost of food and inputs remains the same but their earning capacity is greatly reduced. Thus, birds that have completed their entire 75-week laying phase are called “spent hens” and must be culled to make way for the introduction of a new batch of growing birds.

In the intensive egg industry, which is all about efficiency and yield, these hens are often sold to a thriving market for old layers in Nigeria, particularly targeted during festive seasons.

Advantages of buying old diapers

These are:

– They are sold at relatively cheaper prices than other adult birds.
– Old, sound, strong diapers that have been inspected and thoroughly examined for deformities and infections.
– The age is 75 weeks.
– Nationwide shipping options
– thriving market

Note: Minimum order 2000


We offer you well-fed, healthy, strong and disease-free laying hens (spent hen (ISA Brown).

– They were raised in a clean farm environment under good management conditions.
– You will need to book before the next holiday season to secure your birds. Reservations are made on a first   come, first served basis.
– Limited stock is available. We ship nationwide.


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