Exotic Nicholas Turkey Poults – 30 Pcs Per Carton | 15 Pcs Half Carton)

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The Exotic Nicholas breed from the Aviagen Company is an exotic turkey breed well suited for the poultry farmers/processing ventures.

Download the management guideline for the Nicholas breed of turkeys here.

  • Good practices that prevent disease and promote good health and production, as presented in the management guide/manual will support good animal welfare.
  • To safeguard the health of the turkeys and consumers, producers must have a strict biosecurity programme designed to prevent poultry from being exposed to infectious diseases.

The male domestic turkeys are referred to as Toms/Stags while female domestic turkeys are referred to as hens, and the chicks are known as poults/turkeylings.

At maturity, they attain good market weights and are great for table consumption (often considered healthier than dark meat because of its lower fat content).

We have turkey poults (turkey chicks) available every Monday and Thursday.

Remember to get your turkey house ready with brooder, drinkers, and feeders.

Keep turkey pens well heated/warmed  and fumigated before introduction of new poults.

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Exotic Nicholas Turkey Poult are modern turkey breed which are raised commercially in farms. They are available in almost every country around the world. They have maximum conversion ratio of feed to meat in shortest possible time (like broiler chicken breeds) and very suitable for commercial production. They are mainly suitable for factory farm production purposes.

  • Prices here are for a full carton of 30 or half carton of 15
  • Please pre-book in advance and make payment.
  • Delivery may be delayed approximately 2-4 weeks


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Half Carton (15 Poults), Full Carton (30 Poults)

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